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These DIY Valentine vases are ‘soda-lightful’

01 Feb 2023

When push comes to ‘love’, you don’t want to have nothing to spruce up your Valentines dinner at home. With these DIY vases or candlestick holders, you’ll have something special to put on the table when you’re celebrating a romantic night of the year. If you’ve got some old soda or wine bottles in the recycling, why not get creative and reuse them for this special occasion.

You will need: 


Step 1: To make sure the paint adheres to the bottles, use one coat of Resene Quick Dry primer. 

Step 2: Paint the bottles in your desired colours. Vanessa used Resene Red Hot, Resene Glamour Puss, Resene Cabaret and Resene Rapture. 

Step 3: Paint the wooden letters using the same colours you chose, or colours of your choice. 

Step 4: Glue the painted wooden letters to the bottles using clear craft glue. You can correspond the colours or mix and match.

Step 5: Add in your fresh or faux flowers, or mix with candles, and pop on a dining  table, sideboard or entry table ready for the special day.

Wall and table painted in Resene Quarter Blanc, candles from Bed Bath & Beyond.

project Vanessa Nouwens

images Bryce Carleton 

Published: 01 Feb 2023