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Concrete ideas: Two easy ways to clean up your driveway of path

02 Nov 2022

Resene Concrete Stain in Resene Bleached Grey can rejuvenate tired pavers. Project by Claudia Kozub, image by Melanie Jenkins.

Concrete ideas:  Two easy ways to clean up your driveway of path

Do your concrete pavers, pathway or driveway need a little TLC? Get your outdoor areas summer ready with a little help from Resene.

Clean up the dirt

If your concrete surfaces are stained or have moss, mould, algae or lichen growing on them, you can freshen them up with Resene Deep Clean – no scrubbing required.  Simply apply with a low pressure spray and leave the product to soak in and don’t rinse off. The product will do its magic over time and works with the weather to clean up the surface. 

Stain and able

Staining concrete is an easy trick for making concrete surfaces look as good as new.  Resene Concrete Stain is a solventborne stain designed specifically for concrete and other cementitious substrates and brick. It is available in seven colours including Resene Red Terracotta, Resene Black and Resene Bleached Grey.  There’s also a clear option if you just want to keep the natural look but provide some protection and make the concrete easier to clean later.

Staining concrete in three easy steps

  1. Simply clean or waterblast the concrete to ensure the surface is clear. Water blasting at 21,000 kps (3000 psi) is recommended when staining weathered cementitious surfaces. If moss or mould is present treat with Resene Moss & Mould Killer. Rinse and allow to dry.
  2. Once the surface is dry, apply Resene Concrete Stain by brush, short-nap synthetic fibre roller or sprayer. Like with a wood stain, avoid lapmarks by maintaining a wet edge and avoiding stain application overlap. It’s best to stain on a cloudy or overcast day out of the hot sun and when no showers are expected.
  3. Allow at least four hours drying time before applying a second coat. Allow 24 hours after the second coat before putting the area into full use.

Turn your driveway into a design feature with Resene Concrete Stain. This design features Resene Concrete Stain in Resene Terracotta Red and Resene Black.

Published: 02 Nov 2022