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12 Jun 2024

Looking for a creative way to inject colour and pattern? Consider the artistic merits of Resene wallpaper.

With a little imagination, one roll of Resene wallpaper can add touches of colour and design throughout your home, from artworks to table runners or to refresh furniture or the inside of your drawers. It’s an easy way to get started and grow in confidence using wallpaper, then expand to bigger features and rooms.

Step 1: Find your perfect match

Selecting the perfect wallpaper to serve as your canvas is as easy as wandering through an art gallery. Opt for a design that speaks to your style and décor. Whether you prefer daring and vibrant patterns or something more subtle and classic, the choices are endless. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different finishes and colours to create an eclectic and visually engaging look. We teamed the abstract confidence of Resene Wallpaper Collection 409253 with a pretty floral pattern Resene Wallpaper Collection 464900. The unifying factor isn’t pattern but colour and tone.

There are very few limits. Small, repetitive designs will look great if teamed with larger scale patterns; modern abstracts can be amazing paired with traditional botanical prints. Bold goes great with soft; detailed can pair beautifully with subtle. Let your imagination go for it.

Create a mood board to help find colours that work with your Resene wallpaper or artwork. Or take a photo and load it into the Resene Colour Palette Generator to get a palette of colour options to get you started. Resene Wallpaper Collection 409253 (in frame painted in Resene Teak), Resene Wallpaper Collection 464900, small bowl in Resene Illuminate, vase in Resene Plan B, bowl in Resene Smokescreen and Resene A4 drawdown paint swatches in Resene Sea Fog, Resene Moonbeam, Resene Mellow Yellow, Resene Apache, Resene French Pass, Resene Aquarius and Resene Koru.

Step 2: Frame it up

Once you have your wallpaper, it’s time to find the frame to showcase it. Look for sturdy frames that complement the size and style of your patterns. Experiment with frames with unique shapes and textures to add an extra layer of visual interest. Consider mixing and matching styles to create a dynamic gallery wall if you have multiple wallpaper options.

Step 3: Go big

Another dramatic way to present Resene wallpaper is to split the pattern across two or three frames. Known as a diptych or triptych, this creates an attractive, sequenced appearance for larger pieces. Resene Wallpaper Collection 687408 (below) has a bold, gloriously oversized pattern ideal for sectioning. Side by side, two or three framed panels look fantastic in a bright, light-filled conservatory or open-plan kitchen.

Resene Wallpaper Collection 687408.

Step 4: Colour complementary

Painting your frames instantly adds an extra dimension. Pick a colour that exists in your wallpaper artwork and in your existing décor. We chose Resene Teak, a tea-like brown that worked colour wise with the hues in both wallpapers and the yellow Resene Moonbeam stripe on the wall. But we could equally have chosen a smoky midblue with a hint of green such as Resene Green Meets Blue. We primed the frames with Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat.

Step 5: Getting stuck in

Wallpaper can either be framed behind glass (like a conventional art print), mounted on a piece of artboard or stuck on a canvas. Glass provides a more traditional look, while mounting is slightly more contemporary. Both approaches suit a painted frame. We chose to give our wallpaper artworks a slightly more timeless look with an art mat.

Step 6: Artful arrangement

Now comes the fun part – arranging your customised artworks. Before hammering nails, lay them out on the floor or a large table to experiment with different arrangements. Use a symmetrical layout for a balanced and harmonious feel or embrace asymmetry for a more playful look. Remember to leave enough space between each frame to avoid clutter and allow each piece to shine. Use a level to make sure your artwork is hanging straight.

A great result of personalised artwork. The touch of navy blue pairs well with the pastel yellow on the wall. The wall, floor and bench seat painted in Resene Sea Fog, wall design in Resene Moonbeam, frames in Resene Teak and wallpaper artwork in Resene Wallpaper Collection 464900 (left) and Resene Wallpaper Collection 409253 (right). Coffee table from Smith & Caughey's, cushion fabrics from Atelier Textiles.

Sparkling options

Another option when painting frames is to use a Resene FX Metallic paint or special effects finish. A glittering array is on offer – from the gorgeous Resene Bullion (a soft copper) to Resene Magnetic (a sparkly mid-silver) and Resene Gold. See the Resene Metallics and special effects range for some ideas to get you started.

Limitless designs

To check out wallpapers in person, head to your local Resene ColorShop or browse the Resene Wallpaper Collections online. Below are four of our top picks that would work great as artwork: (From left) Resene Wallpaper Collection b3-012, IF2-020, IF2-012, 751826 and A60002.

Did you know?  You can order cut lengths of selected wallpapers at your local Resene ColorShop. Or buy a roll and use it on a range of projects to connect different features in your home together.

project  Tracey Strange
image  Belinda Merrie
mural  Leigh Stockton

Published: 12 Jun 2024