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Make your own lawn games for family fun

07 Sep 2021

Family young and old will be entertained with lawn games that can brighten up your day.

‘Tis the season to spend time with family and friends outdoors and with any gathering it pays to have a few colourful tricks up your sleeve to keep everyone in good spirits. While you are waiting for the sausages to cook at a family barbecue or the turkey to come out of the oven, keep everyone entertained with a few fun lawn games. Sometimes the best memories are made in our own backyards. Let the games begin!

Giant checkers

A game of checkers has never looked bigger or brighter than when it has been given a bold Resene Colorwood Apollo Blue and Resene Half Black White checkerboard colour scheme.

DIY instructions here

Dynamic dominoes

You can play this jumbo version of the classic tile game on a garden lawn or sandy beach. Dominoes is a great way to use up leftover timber offcuts. Keep your tiles together as a set by storing them in an old Resene paint bucket or a crate painted in your favourite Resene colours.

DIY instructions here

Ring around

The game of quoits (also known as ring toss) has been entertaining families since medieval times when it was played with horseshoes.

DIY instructions here

Bean bag toss

3, 2, 1… who can get the most beanbags through the openings? This cornhole game will provide hours of entertainment. Allocate points for each hole on the board, and at the game’s end, the person with the highest score wins. Prop the board against a tree or elevate it off the ground with bricks.

DIY instructions here


Published: 07 Sep 2021